United Africa Coin

One currency to end poverty in Africa.

  • Is there a better coin to hold than one that serves a genuine purpose of helping 1.2 billion people?
  • Is there a safer coin to hold than one where 50% is held by 50 different charities?
  • Is there a more noble coin to hold than one that wants to start a revolution?

The aim of United Africa is to create a coin that will combine and stabilise the currencies across all African countries. The stability element of the coin is secured through 50% of coins being held on a joint wallet between 50 different charities working for Africa (with no one charity having the full code to that wallet, but each of the 50 holding a part of it). These charities will receive 3% of all transactions processed as charitable donations so it is in rooted in their interest to HOLD the coin and see the value grow.

In addition to the charitable aspect of the United Africa Coin, it will serve an actual purpose of being used as a decentralised currency for the whole of Africa, effectively ending the abuse of power and wealth that ultimately leads to the high levels of poverty currently present! This will prevent problems created by hyper-inflation, apparent in so many African countries where you must physically push a wheelbarrow of cash to purchase a single loaf of bread. United Africa is the future on a continent with over 1.2 billion people.